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Ecovalo LED luminaires – stylish and effective outdoor lighting

Finnish Ecovalo LED luminaires combine clean and classic design with sustainable LED technology. Our range includes products that can be installed on building walls and roofs, as well as pole-top luminaires for yard areas. There are also several options for street lighting and lighting surrounding areas, especially for parks and residential areas.

Lighting on building exteriors

Ecovalo wall and ceiling lights are a sustainable and carefree lighting solution for illuminating a building’s surroundings. The minimalist and functional design of the luminaires make them suitable for a wide range of buildings.

Lighting for yards, streets, parks and the surrounding area

The Ecovalo pole-top luminaire range contains products for lighting yards, streets and the surrounding area. All lights are equipped with a preinstalled cable, and are quick and easy to install even in winter.

An energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solution

Ecovalo LED luminaires are energy-efficient, long-lasting and developed for demanding Arctic conditions. The luminaires are also designed to withstand cold climates. They operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to +40°C and have a service life of 120,000 hours. The long lifetime comes from a combination of high-quality LED light sources, connection equipment and reliable technical solutions. Effective surge protection also guarantees a long service life even in the event of thunderstorms and other power network disruption. The luminaires come with a 7 year warranty.


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